Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Project Yellow #2 - Fire Plugs

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I had no idea the fire plugs of Champions Gate were yellow until Project Yellow crept into my daily routine! It's all Carletta's doing, she inspired me to seek out the yellow in my daily life, lol.

Anna started it all, and apparently she does this kind of thing all the time. Check out her site to see what it's all about.

Now, of course, I will never admit to being obsessed by anything, except seeking out gorgeous redheads, blonds, and brunettes, but this yellow thing got to me. So, take a look at this Project Yellow gone wrong shot, this Electric Yellow post, and this Chasing Yellow offering!

~ Champ Townboy, "Yellow" Hunter


cocabixinhos said...

Please began to think in hunting a yellow gator please!

Carletta said...

LOVE these little men with hats on! ;) They remind me of the little Fisher Price people!

I really am glad you decided to come aboard! Thanks for the mention.

Lynette said...

Love the photos! Love your names for them. You're some kind of creative!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh no! More yellow. I am getting a little queasy and I will be yellow tinged. Next quest---a yellow colored gator. MB

Mishelle Lane (Photography) said...

I absolutely love pictures of fire hydrants! Thank you!!

Janice Thomson said...

Loved your captions - you are such a hoot George! If I was feeling low this would be the first place I'd come LOL (there is a compliment in there somewhere) :)

Sailor Girl said...

Isn't the Tower yellow too???

Robert said...

Who knew they come in so many styles? Great work capturing them. And I love the arrangement of the four shots. Nice work.

Champ Townboy said...

Coca Bixinhos: I will bag a yellow Gator before the week is out!! You can count on it! LOL

Carletta: Thanks!! I'm glad I joined too, it has been fun!

Lynette: Thank you so much!

MB: I'm hunting a yellow Gator ... thanks for your well wishes, lol!

Mishelle: You are welcome!

Janice: LOL ... what else can I say? Thanks!!

Sailor Girl: I think so, lol!

Robert: Thank you very much!!

Anna said...

I LOVE THESE! I am so glad that you posted them! Looks like you are having tons of fun with the project!

Champ Townboy said...

Anna: Thank you!! It has been fun!

Karen said...

Nice ensemble. Great shots!!!