Tuesday, May 27, 2008

After The Shower

1) My friendly neighborhood Gator, all freshened up with a nice shower, is ready for nighty-night. I would have tucked him in, but I was afraid he hadn't had dinner yet.

2) Crepe Myrtle buds ready to pop! It's about time ... I took this on May 25th! (I threw this one in for those of you that might be tired of my obsession with Mr Gator, lol.)


Dorothée said...

Hi there! Now I can see YOUR friend !!! But Mr Gator seems to be a little bit too close! Watch out George! We don't want to loose you! :-)

Carletta said...

Never tire of the gators - and this was a good shot!

Love the buds - hope we'll see them when they pop!

Small City Scenes said...

Great shot--very eerie. Looks very BC-ish. MB

Janice Thomson said...

I would be terrified to be anywhere near one of those gators - but it is certainly a great shot George!
Can't wait to see the blooms on that tree - I've heard of it but never seen one.

Anonymous said...

very neat captures.your friend must be a great bodyguard!!!

frogette said...

We are never tired of obsessions!!

This is a beautiful one as always :)

Anonymous said...

It is your native bird, George. The Gator is or so my son says.

cocabixinhos said...

I always wanted to met a gator who takes shower often, was a star and appear to be a carcass of a ship turned over at the sunset. The only lack is a redhead riding it!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Yeh, that Gator is a little to close for comfort. Sheesh, if I saw one of those around here, man, I'd be running for the hills! Great shot though, and nope, I would never get bored of Mr.Gator as long as he ain't in my backyard! =)

Champ Townboy said...

Dorothee: I don't mind risking life and limb to bring Mr Gator to blogland, lol!!

Carletta: Thank you! I'll be sure to get a picture of them ... they must have popped by now!

MB: Thank you! BC-ish, I like that!

Janice: Crepe Myrtle is in widespread use here! I'll be sure to get a shot for you ... the Gator was pretty close, but I'm fast! LOL

Evlahos: I wouldn't trust him to protect me! LOL

Frogette: Thank you!!

Abe: I've never seen one with wings, lol!! THAT would be scary!!

Coca: You've given me a great idea for shot composition ... I'll be looking for a red haired volunteer!! LOL

Michele: Thank you!! Do you have to worry about bears when you're shooting up there in the Rockies?