Monday, May 12, 2008

New Point Of View

There are three things you cannot miss when traveling through Champions Gate: the Gate, the Clock Tower, and the Omni Orlando Resort & Spa at Champions Gate. So, here is another point of view for the hotel, thanks to the excellent advice I received lately, to wit, "... just change the point of view."

I liked the photo and loved the advice, and therefore offer special thanks to my blog advisory committee!!



Janice Thomson said...

Yikes I'd hate to pay big bucks just to see that out my window...even if it is a pretty blue color.

Small City Scenes said...

Who told you to change your point of view? Look behind you and this is what you see. Nice blue, though. MB

Carletta said...

A point of view through the blue :)

Uma por Dia said...

Are you saying that from now on you are going to shoot everything through this wire?

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks for visiting my Skywatch post last week. We have been enjoying the sunshine so I have been away from home. Sadly the sun is disappearing from the North East Coast so I will probably be posting a mist on Friday!