Friday, May 9, 2008

Old Meets New

You can see where the old sidewalk meets the new, the old palms meet the new, and the road was widened. They even put traffic lights where this road meets the next, lol! The traffic on Champions Gate Boulevard has increased so dramatically in the past year or so that the existing road couldn't handle it! I'm just wondering if 'they' didn't have a clue this would happen, or 'they' just wanted to wait to spend the money to make the road right.


Carletta said...

"Going down that long lonesome highway" Well, it looks lonesome right now.
I'm glad you're there at the beginning so we can see how all this eventually evolves.
Palms look funny without their fronds - kinda beheaded!

Small City Scenes said...

Well you know the old saying--'Ya gotta keep the boys busy' That is why 'they' do everything piece by piece. Ha! MB

Uma por Dia said...

I supose that they can be Portuguese thinkers!

Janice Thomson said...

Good eye George to capture this!
Like the angle of the shot too.

babooshka said...

I have never seen a frondless palm tree. Odd, interesting shot.

cocabixinhos said...

Is this the direction to meet the gator?

Champ Townboy said...

Carletta: I remember the road when it was dirt and loaded with holes ... nobody bothered driving it then, lol. The palms do look weird!

MB: Good thinking!!

Uma Por Dia: LOL

Janice: Thank you!!

Babooshka: The palms fill in quickly ... I'll keep an eye on them though, could make a nice follow up photo.

Coca Yes ... I was looking for the gator when I took the shot!