Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ring Neck Doves

On Sunday heaven's gate stands ope;
Blessings are plentiful and rife,
More plentiful than hope.

~ George Herbert, Sunday

They looked so 'heavenly' sitting up in that tree, I thought it was perfect for a Sunday post. I hope you are enjoying your day.

UPDATE: Abraham Lincoln was kind enough to correct my misidentification of the doves; they are Ring Neck Doves, not Mourning Doves, and I have corrected the title of the post. Thank you Abe!


Carletta said...

They do look heavenly. I think they also look like they're in love.
Awesome photo! I love this one.

Small City Scenes said...

They are very pretty. I just took a photo of a psir sitting right in the middle of the gravel road. Don't they sound just like owls? MB

Blognote said...

They look beautiful in that special light!

cocabixinhos said...

This is beautiful and I like the cross wood!

Anonymous said...

I do visit and I do comment and I was here. I did look at your picture(s) and I did read what you wrote about them. I could say how great you are and how beautiful your work is but alas I would soon run out of things to say on the next blog I visited, so I just left this to prove I stopped and said a few words on Sunday. Ring Neck doves. We have the mourning dove variety. I seldom get to see these.

My Rheumatoid Arthritis hurts so I am using the same message for all.

George Townboy said...

Carletta: I'm always taking pictures of young lovers! LOL

MB: I'm not sure, I'll defer to Abe on that question. LOL

Blognote: Thanks for stopping by, and welcome!

Coca Cutie: Thank you!

Abraham: Thanks for letting me know they are Ring Neck Doves, I've updated my post with the correction.

I've known a couple of people with RA, my mother included, so I know how you suffer. Nice to see you are able to continue blogging.

Chris said...

Lovely photo for a Sunday morning!!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

These are lovely birds and I do like the photo with the canopy of leaves and branches... very nice.

babooshka said...

We have these doves. We call them collared doves here. They come into my garden from the nature reserve. They are crapest landing birds I have ever seen. So elegant to view, but so clumsy when landing.They need flight path control. You really have captured those sweet faces they have.

Janice Thomson said...

Love this shot George! What a pair of beauties. What a neat capture of them under the canopy of leaves.