Friday, August 15, 2008

Balloon Landing #6

Balloon #4 sails over the tree line and heads for the landing zone as balloons #1 and #3 are secured in the field. It is unable to descend, however, and sails into the east, headed for a secondary landing zone, with one of the company's vans taking off after it.

Meanwhile, the two balloons are moved up towards the street, so the passengers can finally get out of the basket and the balloons be taken down.

Last post in this series appears tomorrow!


Coca Cutie said...

Oh wow!
I like photo #4 very much, however thats balloon reminds me someones underwere!
Awesome crew on photo #8!
I'll tune for the last post!

Small City Scenes said...

Man, there are a lot of people in each basket. Too crowded for me---of course if you crash you would have a softer landing with many bodies to fall on. LOL

Carletta said...

Last post of series - say it ain't so Champ. This has been a joy to follow.
See you tomorrow!

Carol said...

Great posts you have here!

babooshka said...

Hypnotic. I am seeing balloons not stars before my eyes.