Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Shots from September 13, 2008

1) There was just a trickle of water this morning.
2) Mom, Dad, and Baby.
3) "He leads me beside still waters ... "
4) Majestic.
5) I wish they were closer. There were about twelve hot air balloons in the sky this morning.


Carletta said...

Oh my George!
Still waters and a reflection that is unbelievable!
Mr. Majestic is exactly that and more.

[The first one isn't coming up so I'll come back. And...Thank You ;)]

Janice Thomson said...

I'm with Carletta - the third one is stunning George - a perfect marriage of words and photo!
Such a beautiful sunrise...sigh.

Hilda said...

Love numbers 1 and 3 — gorgeous!

Blognote said...

Beautiful photos indeed!! I will visit your blog more often.

Small City Scenes said...

Again---nice--I do like the hawk. MB