Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Weekend Shots

1) Hot Air Balloon floating over the National Course at the Champions Gate Golf Course.
2) The Gate, sunrise October 18, 2008.
3) I am still a Gator hunter.
4) Balloon at the Gate, sunrise October 16, 2008.
5) Self portrait. I'm still cute.
6) Great Blue Herons leaving for work, sunrise October 19, 2008. I was surprised to see one Great White flying along with them. One of the ways to tell these are herons, rather than cranes, which are a similar size, is the way they hold their neck when flying - curled back towards their body. Cranes fly with their necks outstretched.
7) The Gate, sunrise October 19, 2008.
8) Clock Tower top, sunrise October 18, 2008.
9) Office building under construction on Celebration Boulevard. Celebration is just a couple of miles up the road. All of these office buildings seem to have an Art Deco appearance. I don't know anything about architecture, so that's a guess. LOL
10) The Farmer's Market at Downtown Celebration October 19, 2008.
11) Celebration Hotel basking in the morning sun, October 19, 2008.
12) House Of Blues water tower and ticket office at Downtown Disney. I was really there to photograph people enjoying the Florida lifestyle, but this thing got in the way.

Make sure you click 'em to big 'em, I don't want you to miss anything. To see people enjoying the Florida lifestyle go to Stuff I Shoot, thanks.


Coca Cutie said...

This is a awesome post for me to comment during work hours cute gator hunter!

Small City Scenes said...

My you DO have long legs, oh cute one.
Great random pictures. I like them all but specially the reflection ones and the House of Blues (blues are my favorite) the wiley debil gator and of course the long legged man. Thanks for all. MB

Carletta said...

So you are still gator hunting!
Love the rustic house of blues.

'George and his shadow, all alone with just the dew...." - can you hear me singing cute shadowy guy!

Janice Thomson said...

Fantastic photos again George. Love your self-portrait! :) Another fave is the clock against that incredibly soft and delicate sunset.

babooshka said...

Just another wonderful series of fabulous images, but the clock and the sunset is the one.