Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Death Before The Gator Strikes

1) A couple of Wood Storks, an Ibis, a Little Blue Heron, and a very small "unknown to me" bird wading in the hotel pond.

2) A dead bird floating, close to the birds pictured above. I've never seen as many birds and species of bird as I did on Sunday.

3) A gator pops up and starts swimming towards the dead bird and the group of birds wading near the shore, which had grown considerably. You can see the approaching hot air balloons in the upper right of the photo, as well as a reflection of one beneath the Ibis.

4) The Wood Storks had taken off, replaced by a couple of Snowy Egrets and more of the other species that were already there.

5) I heard a splash as I was shooting the group of wading birds, and when I turned all I saw was this ripple of water where the gator and the dead bird had been. Breakfast!


Coca Cutie said...

1) Fabtastic!
Get to know him...next time ask for his phone number.
2) LOL, I thought it was the gator.
3)I thought ballons were dirt in my screen if you didnt mention it! Lol
4)Too beautiful, I wonder how it gets if splited
5)Yumi yumi! The best worm!

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh what an array of birds - love that second last photo.

Small City Scenes said...

A bevy birds!! It looks like a dead fish but did the gator get the dead bird?
The variety of birds and their reflections are really neat. MB

Carletta said...

So many birds, so many balloons, so many great reflections!
So nice George....

babooshka said...

I'll ignore the dead one, just concentrate on those magical reflections.