Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bright Morning, Sunny Night

1) One of the balloons I shot yesterday morning in front of The Omni Hotel. There were a lot of balloons in the sky; this was one of the last to float by, and it was the closest to me.

2) Sunset at The Omni. I didn't spend the whole day there, it's just that everything I chase ends up there! LOL


Kim said...

What beautiful photos!!! I live in Jax, so hopefully I can make my way down there sometime, looks like a super place to be!

Small City Scenes said...

Both super shots. Of course I like the reflections one and then again I always like a sunset.
Good Job!!!!
Are you chasing redheads again???... MB

Anonymous said...

I love your fantastic place in Florida .
I would like to come.
I love this image
Ciao from Rome

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful comparative shots George - the lighting is fantastic in both.

Gresham Photo Blog said...

Wow!! Great shot! Excellent colors and reflection. Worth waiting for the last one ;)

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

OMG! That sunset is outstanding!! What beautiful colors!
Mountain Retreat-Canada

Tanya said...

Beautiful pictures and that reflection is amazing!

babooshka said...

These balloons are so much better than counting sleep for me to relax to sleep.

Clueless in boston said...

Love the balloon and reflection. Great shot.