Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random 12/27/08 Shots

Some of the shots I got early Sunday morning. To answer Clueless In Boston's question about why there are so many balloons here: this is the tourist capital of the world - more people visit Orlando than any other tourist destination - and ballooning is a very popular activity. Champions Gate is only a few miles south of Disney World, where the majority of the tourists are, and there is a lot of wide open space around here, plenty of spots for the balloons to land easily, and the sights are special.

It seems there are a number of balloon companies that work, or fly, with one another. The largest balloons can carry as many as twenty people in their baskets, and the smaller ones just three or four comfortably.


Small City Scenes said...

Very nice random shots. I like the crow drinking out of the fountain.

BTW--I got out today!!!!! YAY!!!

Wolly said...

Great shots to end the year with. Thanks for the answer to my question. Who doesn't like seeing giant balloons in the air, unless they're the Hindenburg. I know the H. was a dirigible and a little different, but it's pretty close. Have a great New Year.

Clueless in boston said...

Hey Champ, the previous comment is really me, it is my other persona for maintaining my church's picasa pictures. I am sort of clueless at times. Be safe on New Year's.

Janice Thomson said...

Excellent photos as usual George - love the birdie on the fountain - great capture.
Happy New Year George to you and your family!

Isadora said...

It is nice to think of you in such a beautiful place! Happy New Year George!! :) Q of D

Mo said...

A great collection of photos

Alan said...

These pictures are spectacular. Would George Townboy mind if he gets in touch with me; I manage ChampionsGate Golf Club and would like to meet him and discuss adding golf course pictures to this fantastic site.
Thank you,
Alan Findlay
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Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

These are spectacular!! All so beautiful... wonderful job!

Happy New Year!


gogouci said...

Just a beautiful place to live. Happy New Year.