Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Morning's Balloons

I spotted these balloons floating slowly over the house across from my place when I looked out my window this morning. I was still sleepy and feeling lazy - something completely at odds with my nature - but I mustered up the strength and courage to go out to my truck, get my camera, and shoot 'em. LOL


Carletta said...

Late night perhaps?
It is ok to take a day and feel lazy. And, if feeling lazy got you these nice shots - well then.... :)

Small City Scenes said...

Cool shots anyway you have to get them. And why is your camera out in the truck when you are in the house.
I keep mine with me because I lead such a pathetic life. LOL

Lynette said...

If it's a hot air balloon and a gorgeous blue sky, it must be Champion's Gate. Nice, GTB, very nice. Aren't you afraid someone will steal your camera out of your truck?

Coca Cutie said...

Its like they are landing on your garden.

Janice Thomson said...

Like how you caught them between the lines. Gosh my camera is never more than 3 feet from me at all times LOL.