Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Balloon Landing Today

Once again I heard the familiar whoosh of the hot air being pumped into a balloon as I sat at my computer early this morning. I looked out and saw two balloons, one of them very low and moving kind of fast in the direction of the Clock Tower. I ran outside, jumped in my trusty vehicle, and did the speed limit down to the intersection of Legends Blvd and Champions Gate Blvd.

The first shot was taken through my windshield as I drove down the street; shots two and three I took through the open driver's side window as I sat at the red light; shots four and five I took from in front of the sign you see there. I stuck around and took about forty more shots. Tune in during the next few days to see more of this landing.


Carletta said...

When the development gets going - where will they land?
Great shots!

Small City Scenes said...

Super shots. I love the legs that look like they are hanging down but I suppose he is really standing. In the last shot that is. MB

Mo said...

Wow you did go up in a balloon finally.