Friday, February 20, 2009

A Bagpiper Sunset - Two

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Another of the shots I got yesterday evening of John McDonald piping down the sun, as one gentleman referred to it. I took about forty photos in the little more than five minutes that he played, and, of course, I'll be posting a few more along the way.

I'm so glad Alan Findlay, the General Manager of the Champions Gate Golf Club, let me in on this fantastic tradition. Anyone that can see this live, should!

I've put a link to the Champions Gate Golf Club on my sidebar for anyone that may want to visit the site to get more information.

Have an extra thirty seconds? Check out these adorable ducklings I shot today.


Neva said...

This is a stunning photo in more ways than one..I love bagpipes...and the sunset is neighbors just got back from Celebration, Fl....what a very small world...isn't it?

Greg said...

That is a great photo - love it!

Small City Scenes said...

Wow How neat. Great capture.

I have missed a week of your glorious shots. It took 10 minutes to arrive at your site. Grrr---i'm not out of the woods yet. MB

BTW---oh never mind!! MB

happyone said...

WOW!! That shot is fantastic. I can just imagine listening to the piper.
Bagpipes - you either hate them or love them - I happen to love them!

Uma por Dia said...

Love bagpiper series.
Awesome new header too!