Saturday, March 28, 2009

American White Pelican

I went to Lake Toho in Kissimmee again this morning looking for the perfect sunrise, and was fortunate to find this flock of American White Pelicans, along with a flock of Cormorants, floating a short distance off shore. I saw them last week also, but they were much further out and were flying from spot to spot fishing. I searched for information about the bird on All About Birds and found the following facts:

* Large, white waterbird.

* Long bill with extensible pouch.

* Legs short.

* Body large and heavy.

* Feet webbed.

* Wings long and broad, with black trailing edge.

* Tail short.

* Size: 127-165 cm (50-65 in)

* Wingspan: 244-290 cm (96-114 in)

* Weight: 4500-9000 g (158.85-317.7 ounces)

The White Pelican does not dive for fish as the Brown Pelican does. Instead, it dips its head underwater to scoop up fish. Several pelicans may fish cooperatively, moving into a circle to concentrate fish, and then dipping their heads under simultaneously to catch fish.


Small City Scenes said...

Very cool picture and good info too. It looks like they are lined up waiting for the action to begin. MB

Janice Thomson said...

That is just so cool! I've never seen a real pelican. Wonderful shot.

Michele said...

Awesome, not a bird I am familiar with around here... Pelicans are something I've only seen on TV or in books... your photography is fantastic.

cieldequimper said...

Nice one. It's a bit choppy, I'm surprised!

Small City Scenes said...

I don't follow horse racing much. Years ago the racing at Gulfstream Park was on TV and the kids and I would watch and whoop and holler and pick a horse to win.
I have been to the old track here awhile back. It was called Longacres and has since been pushed out by progress and relocated farther south of Seattle.
How about you?
That's why I thought Champions Gate was a race track not a golf course. I remember I asked you that a long time ago. LOL MB

Carletta said...

Ebony and Ivory!