Sunday, April 26, 2009

Window Cam, One

I looked out my living room window early this morning, just to check out what kind of a day it was, and along came several balloons. I took five one-minute videos through the window, before I ran out the door and chased the balloons over to the Champions Gate Golf Club - their favorite destination - where I shot the above photo.

Mmmm, maybe I should have named this blog The Hot Air Balloon Daily Photo Blog.


Lois said...

I always like it when you catch the reflections of the balloons in the water! I like the video too.

Small City Scenes said...

How very cool and what a view. At first the video was like an illusion---the picture looked like it was moving and not the balloon. Weird!! MB

Janice Thomson said...

Can't get over how quick they actually move. Enjoy these shots immensely Georg.

Coca Cutie said...

I tell you: One can get hypnotized!