Sunday, May 3, 2009

Breakfast With A Hawk

(46 second video)

I didn't mean to interrupt the hawk's breakfast, but apparently he didn't like me standing there shooting him while he was enjoying his frog. As you can see in the below photo, he ripped the frog's head off and tossed it aside (lower left of photo), then proceeded to eat the frog from the top down. Do you think he was saving the legs for last because they are the tastiest?


Lois said...

He's a beautiful bird! I think it might be a red shouldered hawk, but I'm not sure. We have them around here and I've seen them swoop down and grab frogs out of my neighbors pool.

Mind the B* said...

No, he saved the legs for you to shoot so you can post on Champs blog!

Janice Thomson said...

Oh poor froggie! Excellent photo of the hawk.

Small City Scenes said...

So what did he eat? Frog arms? He left the rest for you. Now you can have breakfast........mmmmmmmm!
Nice shot of the hawk. MB

Michele said...

Oh geeze, I was thinking what fantastic shot and then went a little further and yeh, froggie bits all over... LOL.
I mean, there's even an eye in the far left corner! Hehe... bleccch!
Great post!!

Clueless in Boston said...

Oh! Poor Kermit!! I hope Miss Piggy doesn't find out.

slim said...

Is this "frog over easy"? "What a great catch" said the Hawk. Great sighting and photo. An unusual hawk showed itself in my Wollaston neighborhood a couple summers ago and all the neighbors came out to see it eating supper for about 6 nights. We thanked the hawk for getting our squirrel population under control. Wish it would come back.

Jimmy said...

At least the hawk is now famous!

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