Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gator Love

View of the first office building built in Champions Gate, which sits on the palm lined Champions Gate Boulevard. I was standing at the edge of the hotel driveway when I took this photo. This pond sits on the left hand side of the hotel entrance, and there are two gators on the west bank (right side of the photo). I took these photos early Saturday morning, April 19, 2008.

Here's a close-up of the gators. I think that's Big Mama in the water, and her baby five footer on the bank, but they could be lovers for all I know. This photo is not cropped, and I don't have a telephoto lens, so, as you can see, I'm pretty close to them. But, hey, I'm Champ Townboy, and they're afraid of me. It is interesting that this is the first time they haven't run from me, though! I wonder what that means?

I just lucked out with these photos, as my real reason for venturing to the hotel area didn't pan out. LOL


Uma por Dia said...

Are you gaining experience! They no longer feel persecuted.
Moreover the photos are beautiful.

Andrée said...

I've never heard of a town growing around a golf course, but it is beautiful. But alligators! Out and about like that. That's amazing for somebody like me who has never been south of Virginia. I love the reflections of the trees in the pond.

babooshka said...

an't say i have ever come across a golf course that has it's own gator's. Not your everday photo you there.

Janice Thomson said...

It seems like everywhere has its own pond with alligators - is this a common practice there? Don't tourists get a little nervous?
Love all those palm trees too.

Scotty Graham said...

I had a blast browsing your glad you stopped by to see mine. I will be back.

By the way, I am a Gator...meaning a UF always attracted to posts with the word "Gator" in it...hee hee...



Carletta said...

Hey Champ - that first photo is fantastic! I had been wondering when we would get a wider view - love this one.

That gator on the bank looks almost plastic the way the way sun is shining on it - creepy lawn ornament!

Champ Townboy said...

Uma Por Dia: Thank you!!! I loved waking up to this comment this morning ... started my day off RIGHT!! (Right is where I was in Celebration, too!)

Andree: Thank you! It is pretty cool here. Actually, this is the most exposure I've had to gators, but I never went looking for them before I became Champ Townboy, Gator Hunter. LOL

Babooshka: Glad I could bring you this view!

Janice: They take up residence wherever they want, lol. I guess if the gators pose a problem, animal control will come and relocate them. I don't know what the hotel tells their guests - I'm going to have to find out.

Scotty: Glad you liked the blog, and let me know, I appreciate that! I'm a Gators fan!!

Carletta: Thank you, I'm happy about that! The difference in the colors in the two photos was achieved in just a few feet. When I got in line with the gators, the sun was almost directly on them. Creepy lawn decorations ... that move FAST!! LOL

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Lynette said...

OK, so the gator photos are neat. But the reflections photos are great, too.

Neva said...

This is a great view....even with the know they can move really fast don't you?