Saturday, April 19, 2008

Slick Gator

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I went over to the hotel pond early this evening hunting the redhead, I mean the Gator. I crept up to the east bank, where he is usually sunning himself, with my camera ready, but he wasn't there. So I decided to take a couple of shots of the hotel reflecting in the pond and I walked down the bank to get a little closer as I snapped the pictures. All of a sudden I see the Gator dash into the pond from the west bank; he was lying in the mud and I didn't notice him, although I did get a shot of him there. I watched him and took pictures as he swam across the pond, eventually coming to rest on the east bank. He was too slick to get out of the water while I was there.

On another note, the Ginn Open is going on this weekend at the luxurious Reunion Country Club, which is just a half mile up the road from Champions Gate. It's a Women's Golf event ... you know what that means? Lots of blonds, brunettes, and redheads in the area. LOL

I've posted another picture of the Gator on Comic Book Style, and I had an interesting conversation with a fisherman that I posted on my Kissimmee site.


Rambling Round said...

I see that stealthy alligator! I enjoy all your Florida blogs.

Janice Thomson said...

They really are a prehistoric looking creature and for as much as I love wildlife I'd have to admit this is not one of my favorites. I expect it's different if you grow up with them always around.

dot said...

I hate when I make a typo!

I hope that gator is not laying in wait for your arm or leg!

Here is a link to Picture This

Champ Townboy said...

Rambling Round: Thank you!! The Gator sees you, too! LOL

Janice: Mmm, I agree, this is not one of my favorites either. I grew up in Boston, so it has taken some getting used to.

Dot: Me too!! I deleted your typo, so nobody will ever know about it. Thanks for the link to Picture This.

Carletta said...

Beautiful photo - the gator included!
Thanks for stalking him so we can see him too.

If you go to the Golf event we won't see any pics of the course we will! ;)

Small City Scenes said...

You mean to say he is out of the water while you are wandering around? Eeek!! I hear they can move pretty fast if they want to. You may have tasty toes. to a gator, that is. be careful. but still---a nice picture. MB

Lara said...

oh, look at that! how wonderful!

cocabixinhos said...

Did you ask his name? :)
You are even better. There must be a technique to get close to the gators! ask locals.
Did you noticed that you are already at CDPB?

sam said...

lovely, I also love the row of palm trees. They look so neat, it must be quite a mission keeping such tall trees trimmed and getting rid of dead leaves!

Champ Townboy said...

Carletta: Thank you, I'm chasing him down for you!! If I go ... you'll see what I see, lol!

MB: Yeah, and he surprised me! Good thing he wasn't on the same bank as me ... would have meant BIG TROUBLE for the poor thing!

Coca Bixinhos: His name is Gator! I did notice the CDPB, thanks!

Sam: They are a job to maintain, but they spare no expense keeping this place looking good!

Andrée said...

I guess it's a good thing that they are partially visible above water. No swimming for sure. Is there any swimming in wild water there?