Saturday, May 3, 2008

Golf n' Gators

I was taking pictures of the golf course through the palms, the grass, and the flowers for a little variety, then I decided to scan the pond for a Gator. Lo and behold, I found two hanging around near one another. I called them babies yesterday, but the water is pretty shallow there and the one on the left looks kind of big. I was up above them on the hotel driveway, looking down. [Click To Enlarge]


Small City Scenes said...

They look pretty big to me--course I've never seen one in real life. As I asked before--any golfers ever missing?
I do like the tree framed picture. Very nice. MB

George Townboy said...

MB: They do look bigger than I first thought! As for the golfers, I'm not sure - I've never heard a report of one missing, but that's something 'they' might want to keep quiet, lol.

Janice Thomson said...

Love the framing of the first shot George!
Now about the gators.... :)

Uma por Dia said...

Cute little things, dont tell them that they could be ashtrays someday!

Framed between palms!! I like the style :)

Hyde DP said...

golf and gators!

are you trying to the fill the gap left by isabella of naples now she's departed (not for too long we hope) ?

Neva said...

I hope they don't come any closer!