Friday, May 2, 2008

Name That Flower, Two

I know all you wonderful gardeners out there love this!! This flower is growing along the edge of the hotel driveway, within the border plants.

That's one of the golf courses in the distance, and the pond in the forefront is where I spotted the first Gator. I saw two babies there tonight and took a few pictures, but haven't looked at them to see if I was able to capture anything good - they were quite a distance from me.


Small City Scenes said...

A type of thistle I would say. I don't want them in my pastures. The Goldfinch and other seed eater birds love thistle seed though.
You saw two baby gators? Any golfers ever missing? MB

Janice Thomson said...

It sure looks like a thistle to me.
Baby alligators like anything else are really quite cute - hope the pics turned out.

Anonymous said...

Yes this would be a thistle, probably a Canada Thistle but it needs to mature more to say for sure. Or for me to say for sure.

These thistles are enjoyed to much by bugs and bees and butterflies and the seed is important to finches and other birds. It is also a beautiful flower to look at.

Your photo of it is perfect as you were able to blur out the background and focus on the subject. Nice work.

Uma por Dia said...

This should be a purple pine!

Champ Townboy said...

MB: Do they take over the pasture, or are they bad for the horses? I never had a problem with my pasture ... we had a drought and it never came back.

Janice: I wish I could have gotten closer to the Gators!

Old Man Lincoln: Thank you for the information and the compliment!!

Uma Por Dia: Purple pine it is!

Jules said...

Great shot!!

Small City Scenes said...

I have seen them in old fields completely take over. I always eradicated them--whoosh and they are gone. An old timer once told me if you chop them down in August they wouldn't come back. I think was reasoning was that they hadn't gone to seed yet and the hot august sun zaps their roots. the stems are hollow on older plants. MB Ask and you will know more than you ever wanted to. MB again

Small City Scenes said...

Part two---Our horses would eat them after they were chopped down but not before---go figure. MB