Sunday, July 27, 2008

Balloons, Eight

1) A couple of balloons on the far horizon. I shot this from the golf course driveway, early this morning.
2) Balloons over the Omni, July 25, 2008..
3) Sunrise, July 27, 2008, view from the golf course.
4) Black Necked Stilt baby having fun. Thanks to MB for identifying this bird for me. They breed in Florida during the summer.
5) Ducks in the hotel pond. I have no clue what kind of duck. MB?


Coca Cutie said...

First shot is amazing!
Big resort, little balloons.
Always beautiful see your sun coming up :)
Too funny its walk! LOL
They arent blue duckys but I still like them!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love 'em all but #4 with the Willet baby made me giggle... he looks like he's wobbling and is about to tip over... hehehe... cute!

Carletta said...

Love them all!
The Omni really should be paying you - what a great image that is.
I LOVE the Willet baby - playing or on a mission to get somewhere!
So cute.

Small City Scenes said...

Again great shots. The first and second--oh well--all of them are great. I think it was Janice that mentioned Willet as the bird and I thought they were black-necked Stilts belonging to Avocet family. As for the quackers--get me a side view. MB

George Townboy said...

MB: You are right, it is a Black Necked Stilt, and I knew that, having looked it up after you identified it the first time. I get a little confused now and then, and Willet stuck in my brain. Hence the error. Thanks again, MB!!

My apologies to everyone for incorrectly identifying the bird as a Willet.

Carol said...

Great shots, my friend! I prefer the one of the sunset.