Saturday, July 26, 2008

Balloons, Seven

1) When I left my house this morning I looked straight up into the sky above my truck and this is what I saw.
2) The same balloon a few minutes later from the local 7-11. The balloon was moving east.
3) A vulture waiting for the breakfast bell to be sounded.
4) Gator in the clouds. Hotel pond, July 19, 2008.
5) Sunrise, July 19, 2008, in front of the Omni Hotel.


Coca Cutie said...

Every photo is a masterpiece! Everything is beautiful there and you are a great shooter!

Carletta said...

Gosh, this whole series just gets better everyday.
You were in the right place for that first one - it's awesome with the moon.
Every photo - wonderful.

Small City Scenes said...

Cool---the balloon and the moon. And then the flora and fauna. Very nice shots the last few days. Well of course--ALWAYS. MB

Hyde DP said...

A grand selection of shots - I especially love the reflections.

babooshka said...

Morning sunrise is wonderful. I like the bullit point list of what you saw. What a fabulous place to see balloons, vultures and beautiful sunrises.