Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunrise Is Balloon Time

1) The balloon looks a lot closer in this shot than it really is.
2) The moon was starting to fade, and the balloon looks like it is attached to the roof.
3) I had to move with the balloon to get it in the middle of the clock, lol.
4) A palm tree at the Clock Tower plaza.


Small City Scenes said...

Very cool balloon shots. I like the the one stuck on the top of the hotel. Good work, sir.
Come on out and homestead. MB

海盜姐姐 said...

lol, now you know!

I am glad by seeing all of your comments, and feeling thankful cos you think I am putting everything into my new career. My everyday power of going to work is from ppl's affirmation and from my students' feedback. They are the bleesings to me :).

I don't mind, and I am happy to know this, I am also learning from all of you.

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful photos once again - love the second one with the moon - the lighting is so wonderful.

Carol said...

Loved all the photos, but the one of the palm tree is just excellent!

babooshka said...

The palm tree for me too.