Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Downtown Disney

Just a few shots from my trip to Downtown Disney in August ...

1) This side of downtown has Cirque Du Soleil, House Of Blues, and several other restaurants and gift shops.
2) A clandestine shot taken from the terrace at the cafe inside Virgin Megastore.
3) Mural on the side of the Disney Quest building.


Dorothée said...

Bonjour George,
Looks like you had fun over there. I am a big fan of cirque du soleil. They have fabulous show.
I tried to go on your Beantown blog to see the pictures of chinatown, but unfortunately I couldn't access it.

George Townboy said...

Hi Dorothee, that's very strange about the Beantown Blog, I reset it for everyone to access it. I'll check it again and see what the problem is. Thanks for letting me know.

Small City Scenes said...

Interesting shots. MB

Carletta said...

Love the lines and angles and colors in the first one.

Did you notice her T-shirt says Blissfully unaware - LOL! If she only knew.