Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wires And Stuff

1) The back side of the Omni Resort at Champions Gate, as seen from Hwy 27 in Davenport. (Shot from a moving vehicle.)
2) Sneakers on a wire. Why do people do this?
3) Birds on a wire, Wood Stork on a lamp.
4) Limpkin on a pole, Lake Toho.
5) Big Hummer, little Smart Car, Celebration.


Janice Thomson said...

Someone threw sneakers on the line behind us - they've been there for years. I'm surprised the power company hasn't taken them off.
Excellent photos as usual George.
Love that bird on the post photo in particular :)

Small City Scenes said...

Great photos--as for the shoes on the lines--that must happen everywhere and one wonders--WHY???

As for hips in the wild-- you wild man you. LOL

Mo said...

Now hey I'm with you. Why do people throw sneakers over a wire. Why do they do it? AND when do they do it? I've never seen anyone in the act, but I have seen the result. Is this some kinda secret society one needs to join?

Carletta said...

If I send you a pair of Crocs will you throw them on a wire and take a pic for me? LOL!
I wanta join that secret society Mo asks about.
The Hummer and the Smart Car - what a statement - great capture.

Sorry I haven't been around much - migrane for three days. Did you miss me? These made me smile - thank YOU!